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Kamar Seni Studios is a professional recording studio that was built with absolute attention to detail regarding everything recording-related. It is run by the established, Award-winning Music Producer and Songwriter, AG Coco, in the beautiful and vibrant city of Kuala Lumpur. We believe that we have successfully created a comfortable recording space - similar to that of a home recording studio, with the best acoustic treatment & technical design. We have spent years reviewing every single feature that makes it possible for us to achieve a level that is at par with international studios.

Our thousands of clients (consisting of both prominent and independent creative practitioners nationwide) have contentedly utilized our recording services such as music recording, live band recording, voice-over & audiobook recording. Kamar Seni Studios does not only provide services that are limited to just audio recording. The well-lit, snug & homely ambience of our live room is also a favourite of our clients and practically a home to plenty of pre-recorded live music sessions, song-writing workshops, live-streaming video shoots, performance rehearsals and master classes. Our studio is very highly recognized in the creative music & tv production industry for our top quality services, to a point that it has become host to plenty of song & video productions - most of which have rendered hits on digital platforms,
national tv & radio airplay.

Our main goal at Kamar Seni Studios is to provide a professional recording facility and a creative environment without compromise. Our Director, AG Coco, carefully & meticulously designed the facilities to include over 40 channel desks alongside an analogue outboard, next to a fantastic-sounding live room with a ceiling close to 13ft high.

The area comprises 2 levels of creative spaces with Level 1 consisting of three studios: A vocal booth, a live room & a lounge area that’s perfect for songwriting. Level 2 consists of an isolated live room studio,
the kitchen area, and another flexible lounge area.

The specialty of Kamar Seni is in our famous live room at Level 1, which offers a fantastic & refreshing ambience, along with a selection of the finest microphones to offer our clients
a seamless recording experience. Backed with a full instrument backline and PA system, the studio is also the most perfect venue for intimate showcases.